Aston Martin DB7

There's a writeup in the current issue of Road and Track magazine about the forthcoming Aston Martin DB7. For those not familiar, well, read the article I guess. Basically the DB7 is a smaller sportier edition of the DB9. And somewhat substantially less expensive. But of course there's a waiting list so it's not like you can actually buy one.

There's a sidebar in the article comparing the car to its "competition" the Porche 911S and some Maserati. And in fact they give the edge to the Porche as it's cheaper and a little faster. I'm sure Porche fans will smirk. Some Aston fans may get huffy. Me? I just laugh. The idea that anything could compete with an Aston Martin is so rediculous. I don't accept or understand the premise, so I cannot find fault with the conclusion.

Now I just need to find a spare 120 large and someone who can pull some strings to get me on the waiting list. Oh well. Some day. Maybe.

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