Satellite Radio Copyright Infringement

I was watching CNBC's Squawkbox this morning and they're reporting that the record industry is contemplating bringing a copyright infringement suit against the Sirius and XM satellite radio operators because of their new portable devices. As I understand it, the way these devices work is somewhat like TiVo for radio. The portable units don't have a satellite receiver built into them, so they record content while they're docked and then you can play it back when you're out and about.

There was a comment made by a CNBC reporter that the fair use doctrine allows you to save broadcast music for personal use. I'm not so sure about whether that's settled legal precedent, but there is a settled precedent for time shifting and that seems to be the main point of these portable devices. Hopefully if they do bring a suit the satellite operators can get summary judgement and move along quickly.

PS - so Becky Quick has an unofficial fan site? That's hot. She's a cutie pie.