Podcast Ratings

There was a mention of Podtrac on the podcasters Yahoo mailing list the other day. I'm not familiar with this site or company in specific, but this idea is so key. I can't say I wish I'd thought of it, because I did think of it quite a while ago, but I wish I'd acted on setting something like this up. Although their site is a lot prettier than anything I could have done by myself. But anyway, I digress.

Basically what they do is provide an independent audit of your podcast downloads for use with prospective and current advertisers. I know that everyone in the podcasting and vidcasting world has a hardon for Podcast Alley but I have never understood the point of that. You nag your readers to go and vote for your show every month? I guess that's a nice popularity contest. Or something. But it doesn't tell you much about what podcasts people are listening to. It will favor the new podcasters or the ones with the rabid freak fans, but I'm sure there are tons of podcasts out there with loyal daily listeners who are not particularly inclined to go vote on Podcast Alley every month. So an independent audit of those downloads is a much better way to go in the long run.

So, assuming the site and company doesn't suck, I say bravo to Podtrac for providing the service that podcasters (or at least commercial ones) really need.