Wiki Podcast Production Experiment

As anyone who reads this web site knows, a while back we started up as a resource for podcasters and vidcasters to keep their program "show notes" in a community editable way. The main user of this site has been Adam Curry with his Daily Source Code production. The way this has worked is that he will post an episode of the DSC, and then subscribers (such as myself) will listen to it and make notes accordingly. For the most part the first contributor to that day's page starts from scratch (although lately Adam has been posting a brief text outline of the show on his web site) and just type in what we think appropriate.

But now, with my own podcast, I'm trying something different. I am in the process of softly launching Showbiz News - Online which I plan to be a weekly news roundup of..yes..entertainment industry news. So during the course of the week I try to follow what's happening in the industry, what's being reported in the trade press, and then at the end of the week I'll go through and select the top stories to include in the podcast.