Pippa Rogers

I was editing the shownotes for the Daily Source Code today, and because I am a masochist I decided to enter in the gianormous list of artists who contributed to that PodShow holiday song. Anyway one of the contributers apparently is Pippa Rogers. I will confess that I checked out her site mainly because her picture on the Podsafe Music Network was...compelling. Yes, I'm shallow...whatever.

But I downloaded her mp3s and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly she's a bit softer than what I might normally listen to. But my tastes are eclectic and she has talent. Her bio states that she's influenced by the Carpenters, and it's clear. I checked out her music video and it's very...Abba meets the Carpenters. Worth a listen if you're into that kind of thing.

She reminded me a bit of Blake Hazard, who does not get enough press in my view. So check out Blake as well...I met her at a show in NYC a few years ago at the Mercury Lounge and in addition to being a talented musician she was a cool chick.