Prototype Phones...For Sale

I was clicking around the Internet yesterday, as I often do, and somehow I came upon They sell unlocked imported phones that are not readily available on the US market. That's not really noteworthy, as there are many web sites that do that.

But they also sell prototype phones. How does that work? Is that even legal? And more importantly, how does one get a stock of prototype phones when presumably very few are ever made? I'm assuming this is legit, although I don't know. Maybe it's a scam. Perhaps someone out there is more impatient than I am to get their hands on the RAZR with iTunes or the Motorolla Q (only $3,995) and wants to go buy one and let me know how that worked out for them.

At the moment I am not in the market for any $4,000 cell phones, but if you are then I guess check that site out.

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