Comment Spam, Wordpress 2.0

I installed Wordpress 2.0 tonight. I have no idea why...but it's I did it. I'm not really thrilled with the Wordpress upgrade process, but then again the program is free and it's not like I'm making it better. Still it seems rather error prone...not that I've had a problem yet - knock on wood.

I'm not exactly clear on what's new in Wordpress 2.0. There might be Release Notes somewhere with the changes, but if there are I don't know where they are. The administration dashboard is a bit new and different, but feature-wise I'm not sure what if anything is changed or better.

I wish they would put in some kind of comment spam mitigation. I like the Moveable Type TypeKey system and I wish there was Wordpress support for it. I know that MT and Wordpress are sort of rivals, but there's no reason for Wordpress not to support TypeKey and if there were such a plugin I would install it. But there's not. So oh well.