Velocity Girl 2.0

I was listening to Metro Connection, the only locally produced show on the DC NPR station that doesn't suck hard, and they had a music review of the local DC band The Positions. I wasn't familiar with them prior to hearing the review on Metro Connection. Mark Jenkins, the reviewer, compared them to the UK sound of 20 years ago. And he may be right, as apparently I'm not familiar with the UK sound of 20 years ago (well, I like Sisters of Mercy, but I can tell you they don't sound like Sisters of Mercy, so I guess Mark was talking about some other sound).

I was listening to the song excerpts they were playing and it had a style, vocally, musically, that reminded me of something. But what? I couldn't place it. I was thinking maybe Belle and Sebastian since he had made the UK reference. But no, it wasn't particularly reminsicent of Belle and Sebastian.

And then I realized, the UK reference was a red herring. I should have been thinking more locally. The sound I heard in their music wasn't a UK band from 20 years ago, it was Velocity Girl! And sure enough, I checked out the Positions web site and Archie Moore, of Velocity Girl, is working with them in a production capacity.

So, if you like Velocity Girl, and you're sad that they're broken up and not releasing new music, well check out the Positions as they have a very complimentary sound.

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