What is Going On at A&E?

There's a cable television network A&E, which stands for Arts and Entertainment. It's been around for quite a while and if I recall correctly they first got a lot of press a few years ago for their Biography series. Then several years ago they started carrying syndicated reruns of Dick Wolf's juggernaut Law and Order.

It seems like the Law and Order theme has gone to their head. Every time I turn on A&E it seem as though it's some really depressing criminal investigation show or crime documentary. Case in point, I turned on my TV earlier today and it was on A&E. The first words I hear as the television turns on are, "he shot them both in the head, then he took (some guy whose name I wasn't paying attention to) inside and slit his throat. (some guy) and his mother were killed immediately, but his wife wasn't dead. The killers thought she was, but despite the bullet in her head she was still alive..." so I changed the channel to CNBC cuz that's not relaxing for me in the morning to be hearing about.

Getting a bit morbid over on A&E these days. More like Court TV 2.0 than Arts and Entertainment.