Home Shopping Network...On the Network

QVC, Home Shopping Network, etc. are huge businesses. They make a lot of money and sell a lot of stuff.

Where's this business on the 'net? Sure there are tons of e-commerce sites out there with giants such as amazon.com and ebay. But they don't provide the same shopping experience that home shopping networks do. The value that a home shopping network provides is they are able to buy a large quantity of often off-label products and sell them at a deep discount. These are products you wouldn't necessarily know to look for because they lack a traditional marketing presence.

The shopping networks provide the large buying power to be able to offer the customer low prices, as well as the marketing to tell you that the products actually exist. It seems like this model should work on the Internet and open up an even larger market than is available in cable television.

Perhaps a podcast would be the right delivery model for this service. The Apple-engineered extended tags that offer photos to be displayed at specific times and click-throughs to producer-defined URLs. Sounds like a model that could work.

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