Dreaming of Adam Curry

I had a bizzare dream the other day. I had listened to the PodShow jobcast where the PodShow head honchos were talking about the kind of talent they're looking to hire. I figure there could probably be a role for me there, and I do miss working at a startup, but I don't think I'm going to be moving back to California until after I make my millions, not before. Still, listening to the podcast got me thinking.

So then I went to bed that night, and had this bizzare dream that I was hanging out with Adam Curry and he was trying to convince me to go work there, since they're having all these weird infrastructure problems (DNS, etc.) and of course I have experience setting up tech infrastructure for fast growing companies (like, for example, the original Napster).

But yeah..I don't think I'm moving back to California any time soon, unless it's for a lot of money. I do miss working for small exciting companies though.

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