Google AdSense Getting More Relevant

I don't generate a lot of revenue from this site. Mostly because I don't get all that much traffic. But I had also noticed that most of the Google AdSense ads were pretty much totally irrelevant to the content on my pages.

Over the past few days, though, I've noticed that's changed. I'm not sure if something changed with AdSense or what the deal is, but for some reason the ads displayed on my pages are a lot more relevant lately. Too soon to tell if this will help with click-throughs, but I hope so. Even if it doesnt, now at least I can't blame the ads for the lack of site revenue.

I suppose the real moral of the story is that if I care about making money I should probably be creating more sensational content and promoting this site a lot more. But I don't feel like it. I write what I want, and I don't feel like whoring for readers. They'll come or they won't. Mostly I do this site to amuse myself.

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