Tech Reading: Laptop Magazine

Back in the 1980's and up until the late 1990's I used to read a fair number of tech/computing magazines. Some of my favorites were Byte, Dr. Dobb's Journal, and for lighter reading PC Magazine. As the commercial web took over, I have stopped reading so many paper tech magazines becuase I get a lot of my news and information from web sites. Aside from the fact that most web content is free, it's also far more timely than waiting for a paper edition to come out.

That doesn't mean I don't read magazines, however. I read a ton of magazines. Last night I was over at the super market looking at the magazines they had because I wanted some light reading to take over to Starbucks to relax for a little while. I ended up picking up Laptop Magazine. I've never read this periodical before, but I was attracted to it because the cover story was a review of several smartphones and I want to learn more about smartphones. I didn't have high expectations for the magazine beyond that.

It won me over, however. Two thumbs up! While the title of the magazine is "Laptop", they actually cover a range of mobile computing and technology subjects from portable XM satellite radios to GPS devices to..yes..laptops. I'm actually thinking about subscribing. Sure, you can get all their content online, but sometimes it's nice to have a stack of paper to take to Starbucks.