his mother was a secretary, I think. her father a rapist.

OK, this might be slightly incriminating, but I downloaded a ton of nomeansno albums the other day. Now, IN MY DEFENSE, I owned every single one of them on CD and they all got stolen out of my storage space in California. And I think ALL of them are out of print. So I do not feel bad at all, considering that over the years I have bought every one of their albums (or at least almost all of them) and t-shirts and I've seen them live, etc. So they have made their money off me.

So anyways, I have been listening to a ton of stuff off of 0+2=1 and Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed and Mama that I haven't heard in YEARS. And it just reminded me again of what an incredibly awesome band they are. If you're not familiar with nomeansno I highly highly highly suggest you check them out.

And if you think Coheed and Cambria are punk (no seriously, some little emo girl told me that once) then you really need to learn about nomeansno. Now I'm not exactly sure how to tell you to do that since a ton of their stuff is out of print. But if you can find copies of the albums I mentioned above, or Wrong (which I think was reissued somewhat recently) then you should. Go on or something. I dunno what to tell you. Just check them out. I don't know if they tour any more since they've been around since like 1979, but if you ever get the chance to see them live you really should. They rock my socks.