Rose McGowan

This is so parenthetical and unimportant, but I have such a little celebrity crush on Rose McGowan lately. This wouldn't at all be noteworthy, except that I don't do that whole starfucker celebirty crush thing. Well I had a pretty big pretend-crush on Alyson Hannigan for a long time, who I didn't (and still don't) know. But at least I had met her at a party for like two seconds once.

Anyway it's been bugging me because I happened to catch a rerun of Charmed on TNT (laugh if you must, I don't watch it..or..I didn't..apparently I do now). I had forgotten that they put her on there after Shannon Doherty had whatever drama explosion she had. But anyhow, so I was watching Charmed and you know what I realized? Rose McGowan is adorable! So I had to get a Tivo season pass for it. I guess that's about as much follow through as I have in me.