Updated "Currently Reading" Coming Soon

I finished The Supreme Court, my current selection in the "Currently Reading" box. It took me a long time to get through the book, but only because I've been distracted over the holiday season. The book itself is quite a quick and easy read and really interesting. I'm no scholar of the court, but I'm not oblivious to the American judiciary yet I learned quite a bit from reading the book.
Not only was it a refresher on some major court cases that we all learn about in civics class (Marbury vs. Madison, etc.) but there were a number of cases presented that I wasn't familiar with. Even more interesting, though, it made me think about issues relating to court procedure that I hadn't given much consideration. For example the role of debate in conference. Or the importance of having the oral arguments at all.

So two thumbs up and all that. I'll try to think of someting new to read soon, and update the "Currently Reading" selection.