Unexpected Starbucks Music

I was sitting at Starbucks yesterday reading Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. I don't normally pay attention to the music playing in Starbucks, but I remember thinking to myself, "Hm..this melody sounds so much like a Sisters of Mercy song" but the vocals were a woman and the style not at all the Sisters. I got to a chapter break in the book and set it down to take a sip of my coffee. And not being focused on the book any more, what did I notice? The song was in fact a cover of Marian by Sisters of Mercy.

I can't be 100% sure since the music was not very loud and there were people talking. But I'm pretty sure there was some Lilith Fair girlie band playing Marian on the Starbucks speakers. How odd. I couldn't tell if they sang the German verse or not. I'm curious who the band was (or if I'm even right)...so if you know about this cover, let me know who did it!

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