Podfading Discussion Hits Home

There has been some discussion on the podcasting and videoblogging mailing lists of late about "podfading". It would seem this is a new term for the rather obvious eventuality that people will lose interest in their podcasts (or vidcasts or blogs or whatever) over time, and they become abandoned. I'm not sure we need a new term for something that's pretty obvious, but whatever.

Anyway it has made me think about my poor neglected Showbiz News - Online. Of course that hardly counts as podfading since I never even got off the ground with it. But for the record, it's not abandoned. I just have had no time lately at all.

Once my job situation settles out I do intend to get on the ball with that. But in my fits and starts of trying to get a second episode out I have realized that it's going to be a ton more work than I had initiall expected. Still that raises the point that was brought up on one of the mailing lists - the key in their opinion, and I agree, is not to rush a product out. Better to have a high quality program than something shoddy that's rushed.

Ah well....one of these days....