Lack of Updates

I haven't found time to update this site in ages as I have been super busy with work, plus sick, and just have had no energy.  I'll try to do better.  It's ironic, as starting my new job (which is a good one) has made me realize how very little passion I have left for the IT world.  I think I may go back to writing, but that's tricky as I have a hard time summoning the energy even to find amusing anecdotes to post here much less trying to write something more substantial.

Also I need to determine my format.  Years ago I toyed with the idea/desire to become a screenwriter but I never seriously pursued it as it's such an unrealistic goal.  Of course making a living as any sort of professional writer is more involved than getting a job at Starbucks.  So who knows.  Pipe dreams continued, I'm sure.  We'll see.