I had totally forgotten that I have an account at I'm not sure what reminded me that it exists, but I headed over there today and downloaded their plugins to reinstall them on my box. When I first used the plugin I don't think even existed, it was just the AudioScrobbler project. No clue how that turned into, but the bottom line is that it's a cool web site where you can be a musical voyeur and see what other people are lisetening to.

I've put up a little sidebar javascript thing on here to broadcast my recent plays for all to enjoy and laugh at. Alas the last played chart looks like crap as I haven't done anything to integrate it well into the CSS layout for this site, in part becuase I think I might hate this layout and want to change it soon. Who knows.

In any case, it's not pretty but it's there. Now prepare to be schooled on some music.

EDIT - I've moved the recent playlist to its own page as it was way too ugly and busy crammed into the sidebar. Plus it takes a few seconds for the image to be generated and load from and I'd rather not have every page rendering hang on that. So now you can find the "recent playlist" link under the "static" section of the side navbar. Enjoy.