On Demand

I have decided I am a fan of the cable "On Demand" service.  I've never had it until I upgraded to digital cable at my current place a few months ago.  Prior to that I had basic analog cable, prior to which I had digital cable but no on demand service, and prior to that I had DirecTV which does not have On Demand since I'm not sure how you'd do that with satellite.

I've always been a big Tivo fan and customer, and I never felt like I was missing out without On Demand.  But what I've realized is they're totally separate beasts that provide complimentary entertainment functions.  Tivo is great for recording arbitrary programs, pausing live TV, etc.

With On Demand I can create ad hoc TV marathons.  Yesterday's was an Entourage season two marathon, since I never saw season two and it's almost time for season three.  Tonight I introduced my roomie to the wonderful world of Deadwood, and in the process got myself all jazzed up for the upcoming new season.

I still have not gotten into watching movies from the On Demand library, so we'll see if that prospect grows on me or if I am staisfied with simply Tivoing movies I want to watch.