Social Networking Jumps the Shark

So the social networking Web 2.0 bandwagon has finally undeniably lost a wheel with the launch of I haven't signed up, and I somewhat doubt that I will, but from what I read in the press coverage this is apparently a site where you sign up and it connects you to a random person that you don't know. And you don't see their profile or anything. You just exchange emails. Then after a few days if you both agree, you can be permanent friends.

I suppose the idea is to take away all the superficial barriers to social connection like location, age, race, gender, etc. It sounds nice in theory, I guess, but I really don't see the application of this. I'm busy enough without trying to make conversation with someone I don't know, and know nothing about. That model of social connection makes no sense to me.

True social connections are based on shared interests, or at least a strong interest on the part of one party to sleep with the other. But who knows. I still have no idea what the point of myspace is, and it sold for a shit ton of money, so maybe the guy who made this thing will be laughing all the way to the bank.