Web 2.0 Vindicates Apple's Mouse Choice

I was working on a document in Writely and I realized that the rise of these "Web 2.0" office apps like Writely and Google Spreadsheet actually vindicates the Apple one button mouse, kind of. For years there has been the tempest in a teacup about whether Apple's theory that one button mice are superior to two or three button mice is correct. The discussion is well established online and does not need to be rehashed by me here.

But it occurs to me that the discussion is somewhat mooted by all these AJAXy Web 2.0 apps, since the right-click is now the domain of the browser and/or Macromedia Flash. Left click rules the day. Of course, there's always the counter-argument that the right-click functions in the browser are handy. Perhaps the debate isn't resolved so easily!

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