Google Spreadsheet

There was some buzz online a few days ago as Google released their Spreadsheet app. I signed up for an account because I was curious, but I haven't done much with it. Honestly I'm not a big spreadsheet user in general. For those who are, the online hosting and ubiquitous access that one gets from the Google app is no doubt just as useful as it is for text documents stored with Writely.

I toyed around with the spreadsheet a bit, since I figured I should at least post a review if I went to the trouble of getting an account. It works more or less like any spreadsheet, I had no problem getting basic formuale to work, etc.

But I think Google is missing an opportunity to do something interesting in the spreadsheet world here. Why not make it more than a spreadsheet? The data is hosted on Google's servers and "always online". Why not make it possible to have values in the spreadsheet come from external sources, not just from myself and my collaborators typing them in?

What if a spreadsheet could be fed by values from an RSS feed or combination of feeds. How about a personal financial analysis spreadsheet that included near real time stock quotes? And was constantly recalculating, and perhaps set to send an SMS text message if certain cells were above or below certain high or low water marks? Or even alert based on formualic outcomes?

Perhaps at some point you end up with more of a mathematical modeling application than a traditional spreadsheet, but isn't that the point - to innovate?

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