Music Choice

There isn't much of a purpose to this entry, except to say that I really think the Music Choice selection of digital music channels that come bundled with pretty much any digital cable or satellite television plan are under-appreciated. I know I don't really tune them in very much, and it's a shame. Dozens of 24x7 commercial free uncensored uncut music channels is an awesome thing to have. I do wish there were some way to access them independent of my cable box, however.

I suppose I could pay another $9/mo for a dedicated music cable box, but yeah...that's not gonna happen. Would be nice if I could get like a "music-only" cable box for $1/mo or something. I'll go ahead and hold my breath on that.

Apparently you can stream Music Choice to a PC if you have Comcast cable Internet service. Alas, I have Speakeasy DSL service so that won't work for me. Of course I don't have Comcast cable either, even if I were inclined to change my ISP, which I am not in any event.