On the Subject of Conferences

I've been to a few tech conferences over the years, but not many. I think most of the companies I've worked for would have actually paid for me to go to more, but it's hard to find the time and motivation to go. Plus I'm not great at networking, which I think is one of the main points of physically attending conferences.

Well and of course to hear the talks, and read the proceedings. A lot of conferences make their proceedings available online for free at some point after the conference. Typically there is a bit of a time lag, often a year, since they do want you to pay to attend the conference. But if you don't mind reading old news, you can find a lot of papers online.

It used to be that you were plain outta luck as far as hearing the keynotes. This is no longer true. A lot of people are aware of the IT Conversations web site, but if not you really should check it out. They have an incredibly valuable archive of audio content from all sorts of conferences and speeches in various podcast and streaming formats. It's quite a treasure trove.

I don't have time to listen to all the stuff I might want to, but when I have spare time I enjoy browsing around over there. You might as well.