More on Piloting Palm

I'm getting towards the end of Piloting Palm: The Inside Story of Palm, Handspring and the Birth of the Billion Dollar Handheld Industry. I wrote about this book the other day when I started reading it, but now I'm coming towards the end so I suppose I should share my impressions.

There's a contrast in the experience of reading this book with the book I read just prior about the AOL/TW merger. In the case of the book about AOL, I had certain ideas about what happened and was curious if the author's account would complement what I had already known. In the case of Palm Computing, I've followed their products over the years and owned several Palm Pilots, but I never paid much attention to the story of the company.

I knew they had some relationship with 3Com, but the fact that they were a subsidiary acquired in 3Com's purchase of US Robotics was something I never paid attention to. So in this case, the point of reading the book was more about learning the story rather than proving or disproving any preconceived notions I had.

The book has been entertaining as a historical account of Palm, but it's my belief that the future is probably in Windows Mobile smart phones like the Motorola Q. We'll see what happens.

I think the next book I picked up is on Oracle. Stay tuned!

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