On the Whole Rocketboom Thing

So the big news today, aside from Ken Lay passing away, is the departure of Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom. I have nothing to add to the whole gossip angle about what may have really happened. I have no inside information, but I've been on the inside of enough deals gone bad over the years to know that what comes out publicly typically has very little resembalance to what actually happened.

I comment because Jason Calacanis posted some advice and also a more general endorsement of the online content industry.

I have mixed feelings. I agree that online content is the future, and there will be big big money to be made. But I don't know if it's time yet to set up an online studio. While people will watch short clips on Youtube or Google Video, and even Rocketboom, I don't think the attention span is there to watch longer-form content on a PC screen. The tech elite will, but not the masses required to bring in ad dollars.

The ultimate solution needs to be a set top box, perhaps a deal with TiVo. In the mean time I stand by my earlier thoughts that maybe DVD is a bridge. But even that seems too complicated for the majority. Maybe if the content is compelling enough. Hard to say.

This is a space where I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. Most likely as a producer or content aggregator. But I don't know if the timing is right yet. I hope I don't miss the boat.