Upgraded Wordpress

This site is now running Wordpress 2.3 which came out a couple weeks ago. I'm excited about the built in tags support. Not sure exactly how that works but since I have been tagging things by hand for ages I'm hoping this will automate that for me (yes, I am aware that tagging plugins have been available for years; I just never used them).

EDIT: If you look at the top of this post you will see that it is indeed tagged and that the feature does work.  The theme I use for this site is a modified version of Ocadia which apparently doesn't support tagging out of the box.  I had to update it to put in the the_tags template tag code, but other than that the tagging works out of the box.

One change is that now instead of the tags linking to technorati's tag search engine they link to this site's tagging system.  That's different behavior than I'm used to, but I think it may actually be better so I'm going to leave that alone for now.