Daily Update

I don't have time to write anything profound and interesting but I thought I'd publish a little follow-through/daily update.  I found a problem in my post on using wp-amazon in newer versions of word press so I fixed that.  Also after getting into Mona Lisa Overdrive I have discovered that I really probably should have read Count Zero first, as I'm probably missing some information I'm supposed to have.  It doesn't hurt the story though; the book stands on it's own.

This whole trip to California has been kind of a mess, so I've started a little write up on the fiasco that has been my travel logistics.  Because, after a certain point it's just funny.  At least the work part of the trip is going well.  And that's what really matters.

I've taken some pictures while I've been out here.  Nothing that great, mainly buildings and roads and stuff.  But they are buildings and roads that I have stories from when I lived here to accompany them.  Hopefully I'll get around to putting all that online when I get home.

I have found the time zone difference is inconvenient from a cell phone minutes perspective.  My free nights and weekends don't go so far when my nights don't start until 10 PM Eastern time.  Or more accurately, Eastern time free nights starts at 4 PM my time.  I do think it would be a handy innovation for cell phones to audibly indicate, say for example by their ring tone, what rate plan the call falls under.  Perhaps the Google Phone will tackle that one.  Or perhaps not.