Second Life Resources and Documentation

I've been trying to get back into Second Life recently (my username is Mike Faulkland, feel free to say hi). I signed up for an account a while back, and was a casual user of the system. But I was never that proficient in Second Life and I lost interest at some point. The system has clearly taken off and become quite popular (within its niche, at least) and I see real potential for interesting applications to occur within it.

The problem I'm running into is a general lack of documentation. The Linden Labs knowledge base is not particularly comprehensive. I'm looking for basics about the world, but also information on avatar customization (in Poser and other tools), building information, some discussion of the Second Life economy, etc.

While I am aware there are a lot of blogs and various web pages available with tutorials and docs available by extensive googling, I haven't been able to find a cohesive coherent resource site that ties it all together. Does such a thing exist? Considering the buzz around this virtual reality, I'd imagine someone must be running a Second Life knowledge portal. I'd love suggestions.