TiVo HME UI Disaster

Now that my TiVo is finally back online, I've been playing around with the home networking features. I've used them in the past, but my TiVo has been offline for a few months and I figured I'd check to see if there had been any improvements. Unfortunately it would seem not. Although the pre-release of the new TiVo desktop does apparently support moving non-TiVo video content to the TiVo, if it's in a supported format, I haven't been able to get that to actually work. It's possible that the files I've been trying have been unsupported formats; I haven't spent all that much time messing with it.

What interests me more is the music streaming capability. I keep all of my music on my computer (in iTunes) and sometimes I'd like to listen to it in my bedroom using my TiVo. I could get an Airport Extreme, but why invest the money in that when I already have a device hooked up to my television which should accomplish the same task?