Movie Review: The Departed

I watched The Departed last night. Interestingly I purchased the movie via Amazon's Unbox and watched it on my TiVo, but this post is about The Departed, not the Unbox on TiVo service.

The Departed is a classic undercover cop infiltrates organized crime story, with several twists. Instead of taking the usual plot approach of structuring the story around the undercover officer's attempts at creating a case against the organized crime bosses, The Departed instead focuses on the cat and mouse game between the undercover officer who has infiltrated the crime syndicate and the crime syndicate's mole inside the police department. They are constantly struggling to learn the other's identity and provide useful information to their respective organizations without betraying their true identities.

The acting and cast was stellar. Martin Sheen, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio - what's not to like?

If you enjoy movies along the lines of Donnie Brasco or L.A. Confidential then you're likely to enjoy The Departed.

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