Some Updates

I haven't really updated much here lately as I've been super busy.  I did end up taking a new position, and it's in down town DC so getting used to my horrible commute is taking some time.  It's an exciting job, however, and I'm hoping it will work out for the long run (it's a contract to perm situation so we'll see what happens).

I wrote before about using to track job leads.  That well.  I ended up with a lot of job leads in progress at once and it became somewhat of a difficult task to keep on top of updating the entires in Salesforce to log every call, meeting, email, etc.  This isn't really a criticism of Salesforce, though, as it was too many job leads to have in play at once.  I got overwhelmed myself, was spending way too much time running from interview to phone screen to interview.  I should have done a better job of filtering what I wanted; the problem is that because my other job that I was planning to hop to fell through I was in "unexpectedly unemployed" mode which I don't deal well with and end up chasing after lots of things at once to "get a job quick" and that's not really very productive.

In this case it worked out alright, though, as I am happy in my new position.  Except I need to get used my 13+ hour days of work/commute.  Oh well.  I'll live.