Time for a New PC Soon

My computer is getting old, and it struggles with running things like Second Life and Joost.  And if I want to have iTunes and Second Life and Joost open at the same time..yeah...it performs really badly.

I'm running an old AMD Athlon system that I built myself a few years ago.  Whenever I decide to get a new PC it's always a battle of whether to buy a prebuilt off the shelf system or build a new one myself.

The problem with building one myself is that I end up setting "spec inflation".  By that I mean that while an off the shelf single processor Dell with a gig or two of ram would be fine, if I start looking at parts on pricewatch I end up telling myself I need some $5,000 quad-core ridiculous computer.  When in fact I don't.

What I do need, however, is a lot of storage and I'm not sure how easy that is to get with the off the shelf Dells (or competitors).  Perhaps it's time to setup NAS at my house.  The other question is whether to get a replacement desktop or to get a laptop.  I haven't had a functioning laptop since the death of my much lamented iBook.  I need to get both, but it's a question of what to do first.

I think first I will focus on making money to fund all of this.