Frustrated Listening to the Daily Source Code

With my new job requiring me to spend some time on public transit each day during my commute, I finally have time to listen to podcasts again.  Mainly I have been catching up on the last several episodes of Adam Curry's Daily Source Code. I was a daily listener to this show for a long time in the early days. I found, and continue to find, the show to be a great way to keep on top of the major developments in the world of podcasting.

I like the show but listening to it is a little hardf for me. I can't listen without thinking of, my old podcast show notes wiki site. I started it around the time I started working for Amazon and had great ambitions for the project.

Unfortunately just as the site was taking off I transitioned to full time status at Amazon and got sucked into their culture of 24x7 work, leaving me no time to sleep much less work on side projects. As I stopped being involved on a daily basis the site went downhill pretty fast and got overwhelmed with spam and crap.

I had hoped to go back some day and get it all fixed up but then somehow the domain expired last fall and I was too busy with work to even notice until January.

I feel like I let down those folks who were using the wiki to host their show notes and listening to Adam's podcast is a reminder of yet another failed side project. It's frustrating. But since the content is good I'll keep listening and hopefully get over it.