TiVo Mobile

After posting my previous entry on the availability of Unbox purchases directly from TiVo, I did get a notice on my TiVo screen announcing that feature. I also have received a message letting me know about the availability of the TiVo Mobile application for Verizon wireless cell phones.

I won't be checking this out, as I don't have a Verizon wireless cell phone; I'm part of the Cingular/AT&T camp. I don't understand why something like mobile TiVo scheduling needs to be a proprietary application. Why not make a slimmed down mobile HTML site so that all wireless users could schedule their programs remotely.

I've not tried the TiVo Central site from my Blackberry 8700c, but I suspect that if it works at all the experience will be difficult. My bank recently launched a mobile banking web site that works great. I don't understand why my bank can provide me financial services without a special application but my TiVo can't let me schedule recordings the same way.