The Dilemma With Personal Blogs

I have been looking for employment recently as my last contract came to an end. In the process I have been talking to a number of recruiters. Several of them have commented that they have checked out this site, having seen the domain on my email address.

Of course I write entries here with the knowledge that anyone and everyone may read them, granted very few people actually do. But given the unknown audience and how it may impact me personally and professionally in the future, I try to keep this site fairly uncontroversial.

The problem with that is that it frankly isn't very interesting and thus doesn't have many readers. My life today is not all that exciting or scandalous but perhaps I'd have higher readership if I did include more about my personal life; yet given the sometimes high responsibility nature of my career I try to present myself across the board as professionally as possible.

I think the "best" personal blog site is Justin Hall's old However even that site has become not much more than a billboard today. For a number of years Justin would write quite interesting accounts of his travels and daily life. It made for a compelling read and ultimately helped bring his name into the public consciousness (or at least the consciousness of the digerati).

Alas I am not willing to be as revealing as he was and from time to time I really do wonder what the point of this site is. Maybe some day I'll take this site down, but for now I'll continue with my sporadic and infrequent updates.