Online Backups

My desktop PC has 4 hard disks.  One of them has been unplugged for some time, as it died a long time ago.  The other 3 have been in use for a few years.  Unfortunately, one of my data drives has failed completely and the other is on its last legs with a lot of data errors and corrupted files.  I could replace the storage, but it's time for a new system and I am trying to figure out what I want.  Possibly an Alienware system, but I haven't decided.

In the meantime I'm less stressed out than I might otherwise be, as the stuff I really care about is securely backed up on Amazon's S3 service.  I realized I have never written about Jungle Disk which is doing them a great disservice, as I've been using the product since it was released.  Jungle Disk allows me to map a virtual drive using WebDAV and back up selected parts of my system to Amazon S3.

After the trial period, Jungle Disk costs $20 and includes free lifetime upgrades.  The actual storage costs are billed to my Amazon S3 account.  There are plenty of online network disk storage services out there, but none of them have been right for me.  Some of the content I want to back up is quite large.  My music collection is on the order of 50 gigabytes.  With most services, storing that amount of data would be cost prohibitive.  Because S3 is so inexpensive, I'm able to backup  everything I want and still pay under $10/month for the storage.

Not bad for some peace of mind.