First Update for 2008

Alas, life has gotten busy again.  I haven't had any time for updating the site since November due to starting this new (and awesome) job.  But I'm finally getting settled in so hopefully I'll have time for some interesting commentary (or whatever the point of this site is) soon.

Also cutting into my web writing time, I've gotten into the habit lately of old fashioned paper journaling.  I've never put much of my private life on this site, for a variety of reasons.  But I do enjoy actual journaling.  I bought my friend Jessica an old fountain pen off ebay for Christmas, along with ink and a Moleskine notebook.  I was familiar with the Moleskine zeitgeist (check out Moleskinerie if you're not), but I hadn't used one.  So to be sure they are as cool as everyone seems to think they are, I got myself one before giving it as a gift.  A notebook is a notebook, but they are pretty cool notebooks.  So I have been inspired to make the most of mine by journaling in it.

Of course, that also made me want a fountain pen of my very own.  I used to have several, but over the years I don't know what became of them.  I found an ebay store in the UK that sells astonishingly cheap fountain pens so I bought one.  Alas my timing wasn't the best, right in the middle of the Christmas season, so it hasn't arrived yet.  Hopefully it will this week.  If it's of reasonable quality I'll post a link to the ebay store, as you can't beat the price.

My holiday season was somewhat uneventful.  Just the usual hanging out with people, a few parties, etc.  I do have a few interesting things planned for 2008.  I'm off back to California in a week until the end of January for work.  I'm hoping this trip will go a little more smoothly than my November trip.  Also, while I don't believe in New Years resolutions, I am planning to join the gym by my house when I get back as it's time to get in shape.  And I have some volunteer work lined up with an interesting organization, SHARE of McLean, that I'm looking forward to.

2008 is off to a busy start.  But for me, busy is good.