iPhone Feature Request: MMS and Video Recording

After several months with my iPhone 3G, it's still my favorite phone that I've ever owned.  There are really only two or three things that I find ridiculous and frustrating.

The first is the lack of MMS.  From what I've read, the Apple opinion is that since you can email pictures on the iPhone you don't need MMS.  Unfortunately real life doesn't work that way.  If everyone had an iPhone then emailing pictures around would be fine.  But they don't.  And sometimes I want to send or receive pictures from other mobile phone users.  It cannot be all that complicated to implement MMS.  Please do so, Apple!

The other feature that's missing is video recording.  This is a lifestyle/entertainment phone.  Why can it not record video?  It has plenty of internal storage.  And the processor can clearly handle it, since there are video recorder applications for Jailbroken iPhones.  Why can't we have a legitimate video recording application?!

The other feature I'd like to see is the ability to use the 3G networking via Bluetooth networking on my laptop.  It would be great if I could use the iPhone as a cellular modem.  I would not pay any more than I'm paying now for an additional data plan, though.  Perhaps that's why AT&T doesn't offer it the option.

Despite these relatively minor annoyances, the iPhone is still the best phone on the market for me.  I'm happy with my purchase, although I do need to decrease my voice plan as I'm sick of paying $170/month for phone service.