Wireless Over the Air Sync Between iPhone and Google Contacts

Back in August, I wrote a post on some of the caveats with syncing Google Contacts to the iPhone.  Owen Cooper left me a comment suggesting the iPhone Apps Store application Sync in a Blink.  It's only $5 so I decided to purchase it and give it a try.  It was $5 very well spent!

The application allows wireless over the air (OTA) synchronization between the iPhone and Google Contacts.  It works with GMail contacts, but I use it with my Google Apps account for the secretelite.com domain.

Aside from the benefit of wireless OTA syncing, Sync in a Blink also addresses the issue I wrote about in August where Google uses the email address as the key for the contact entry and so it doesn't do a good job of syncing phone contacts that don't have email addresses.  It also supports the syncronization of contacts that don't have names, which is important for me since I tend to add businesses that I frequently contact into my iPhone contacts and now they can sync well with Google Contacts.

The other nice feature of Sync in a Blink is that it keeps a sync history and shows the details of what exactly changed, including before and after views for each contact that has changed.

If you are an iPhone user who syncs with Google Contacts this is a "must have" application.  Very well worth the $5.