Using Sync in a Blink with Google Contact Groups

The latest version of the Sync in a Blink iPhone app supports Google Contact Groups.  This is a wonderful feature addition, as Google adds all correspondents to its "Suggested Contacts" group which then sync down to the iPhone which probably isn't desirable.  I don't really want all the mailing lists and support email addresses I correspond with to show up as contacts on my iPhone.  By creating an "iPhone Contacts" group, I can avoid that problem.

Unfortunately, the way contact groups are supported on the iPhone and their interaction with Sync in a Blink is not entirely intuitive.  After configuring Sync in a Blink to only sync the "iPhone Contacts" group, I found that newly created contacts on the iPhone were not syncing back to Google.  I initially thought this may be a limitation of the iPhone, but it's not.  There is a way to make this work.