Laid Off

I find myself again in the job market, having been laid off from my super awesome job on the 26th of February.  It bums me out, as I liked that job a lot.  But it's business.  These things happen.

It didn't occur to me to post about it here until I was discussing my situation with one of my friends who was saying, "Well I didn't see anything about it on your web site" which reminded me that this place exists.

It's an amusing paradox in that when my life is busy and interesting, I never have time to write updates here.  But when I do have time, such as now, nothing much is going on.  The daily job search isn't really all that thrilling.  I suppose the key is to find time when my life is busy and exciting to also post updates here.  We'll see how that goes.  Past experience would imply it will not go all that well.