Wikinomics Author on Web 2.0 Technologies in Government

I saw this article in CIO Insight and I thought it was worth reading.  The article is an interview with Anthony Williams, co-author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything.  I enjoyed the book and I was interested in his thoughts on the subject.

A lot of "CIO type" interviews and articles are long on theory and short on practical reference.  This article does include some concrete references to real projects under way.  Notably the intelligence community's answer to Wikipedia, Intellipedia.  Also mentioned are Politicopia, a Utah project to create a wiki community where citizens can voice their opinions about pending legislature.

The article mainly discusses theory and a few wiki examples, so I'm not sure that it lives up to it's "Web 2.0" claim as many other "Web 2.0" technologies are ignored.  Still, it's worth skimming.  Not so much to learn anything groundbreaking but to get the cognitive juices flowing.