Customer Service Technology that Actually Makes Life Easier

For the past few years I have used speakeasy as an ISP.  Although they are pricier than other DSL options, I don't mind paying a premium for the excellent support and service they provide.  A week or two ago my DSL went out.  That almost never happens.  I called Speakeasy's 24 hour support line, but it was after hours and so there was a short wait until I could speak with someone.

Instead of making me wait on hold for 10 minutes, their call management system asked if I would like to keep my place in line and receive a call back when they could assist me.  I have not had experience with that option before, but it sounded like a great idea so I pressed the button to do that.  Sure enough, all I had to do was enter in my phone number and in a few minutes their system called me back and connected me to a support person who resolved my technical issue.  For those who are curious, it turned out that some setting in the PVC had become mysteriously mismatched.

While I would rather not have to wait at all when calling customer support numbers, if I have to wait I'd much prefer to have the system call me back than to sit around listening to hold music.  I hope many other businesses upgrade their call center telephony applications to support this feature.

On a side note, while I have been a happy speakeasy customer, Verizon FiOS is finally available in my neighborhood so I suspect I will be switching from DSL to fibre in the near future.  I'm sure I will miss the speakeasy support, but the faster speed and lower cost of fibre is hard to resist.