Sync in a Blink Now Supports Contact Group Editing

I downloaded version 2.1 of Sync in a Blink last night and to my delight, the app now sync_in_a_blink_logosupports editing contact groups.  I had written about my somewhat complicated procedure for putting contacts into a specific contact group and then sycning with Google contacts.  Having this capability integrated into the app is definitely better.

Unfortunately the ability to see contacts not already in a group is not working for me.  It crashes every time I attempt to refresh the contact list.

I'm not sure if this is due to my having a large number of contacts or for some other reason.  I've posted on the Sync in a Blink support forum, so hopefully someone from the company will reply soon.  I will be very glad to be able to automatically filter and determine which contacts are not in contact groups.  With over 320 contacts, it's a huge pain to keep track of that manually.