Open Source Backups with Bacula

We are waiting for funding at work to buy licenses of Veritas NetBackup but in the mean time I was charged with finding a reasonable free open source backup solution.  Our environment is fairly typical with a mix of Linux and Windows clients with an LTO tape library attached to a Linux server.

From my research I really only found two candidates; Amanda and Bacula.  Unfortunately Amanda has always been a non-starter for me because of their insistence that it's a bad idea to save more than one backup job to a given tape.  I have never encountered the SCSI resets which cause tape drives to arbitrarily rewind and no commercial software that I've seen shares this integrity concern and limitation.

So that left me with Bacula.  I had never used the software before but it wasn't difficult to set up.  The mtx tools were able to communicate with my tape library and I was able to get backup jobs running in no time.  The job definition model is different from what I'm used to with Veritas or Legato, but it wasn't hard to get up to speed.

The GUI for Bacula is fairly limited and does not support creating policies, adding or removing tape drives, or really anything other than running jobs and restoring files.  Everything else involves editing text configuration files and command-line tools.  Being a long-time UNIX person that isn't a problem for me.

If you're looking for a free and robust backup solution, Bacula may fit the bill.