Playing Around with FriendFeed

FriendFeed LogoI've been playing around with FriendFeed for the past week or two.  It does a lot of things better than Twitter.  Notably I am not limited to the 140 characters and it allows a conversation around a post.  The conversation piece is pretty key.

Twitter LogoOn the other hand, it doesn't have quite as mature an API and the third party apps for FriendFeed can't compete with the third party Twitter apps.  I have BuddyFeed on my iPhone but unfortunately the FriendFeed API does not allow modification of my subscriptions so I'm limited to reading what I'm already subscribed to.  With Twitter, I'll often find a mention of someone new made in a tweet of someone I'm following and decide to follow that new person.  To do that with FriendFeed is overly difficult at the moment.

I have decided not to cross-post my Twitter content to FriendFeed.  This is an area where best practices have not yet emerged.  I think it's best to keep the content separate.  They are different services.  I follow many of the same people on Twitter and FriendFeed and I don't want to see duplicate content.  In fact I wish there were a way to filter out all content posted from Twitter that does not have a reply on FriendFeed.  Perhaps there is such an option, but I"ve not found it.

I have also configured my blog to post its updates to FriendFeed.  Apparently there is support for Disqus comment integration, although I can't figure out how to turn that on.  Hopefully that will be coming soon.  I like the idea of a single conversation around an idea instead of having it fragmented across varoius sites.