Kindle DX is the Kindle I've Been Waiting For

I have been excited about the prospect of eInk readers for a long time.  Back in January of 2006 I wrote about looking forward to the Sony Reader but expressed that a tabloid sized version that would allow me to read periodicals is what I really want.  It looks like Amazon's upcoming Kindle DX will finally realize that dream.

I'm a fan of books.  I read a fair amount and I like having a bookshelf of paper volumes.  I'm not sure that I would use an eInk reader to take the place of my paper novels.  The value for me in an eInk reader is in periodicals and PDFs of technical manuals.

I have a paper subscription to The Economist but there is no value to me in having piles of previous weeks issues laying around my house.  I wouldn't mind switching that to an eInk version.  And as I wrote back in January 2006 I'd love to be able to get trade press such as Daily Variety delivered electronically.

I also download a lot of PDF manuals for various technical products.  I don't like to print them out as it's a waste of paper.  On the other hand, I am not thrilled with reading lengthy documents on an LCD or CRT screen.  The main reason I haven't bought an e-reader so far is that they have not had good native support for PDF.  The Kindle DX does support PDF without having to convert the file which is a must-have feature for me.

I haven't preordered a Kindle DX but if the user experience reviews are positive once it's released I think I may purchase one.  The selection of periodicals available in the Kindle store is limited but I hope it will expand over time.  It really seems like an excellent platform for regional trade papers.  If I could get Variety and the Hollywood Reporter on the Kindle I'd consider renewing my subscriptions to those papers.  Digital delivery is the future of news.  At least for me.